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NPA Opposition to Coercive Legislation

Protecting the Rights of Responsible Pet Owners

The National Pet Alliance acts as a support group to individuals and groups to assist in the never ending battle to stop coercive legislation. It gathers and disseminates facts, figures and documents to help educate the public and lawmakers as to the real problems, i.e. the number of unaltered stray/feral cats. The NPA supports rescission of limit laws, and longer "hold" periods at animal shelters as an incentive to pet owners to license/register their companion animals.

The National Pet Alliance supports the issuance of vouchers (as in the San Jose Voucher Program), and/or low cost spay/neuter clinics to control the problem with free roaming cats, which substantially contributes to pet over population, injury, death and disease among cats,

The National Pet Alliance advocates the provision of low cost spay/neuter clinics with hours convenient to working people, and strongly support the use of trap/alter/release programs to manage the large population of unowned cats, as it is the only met hod which will reduce the number of stray cats which end up atthe shelters.

The National Pet Alliance is opposed to laws mandating that companion animals be altered.

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