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Trap, Test, Vaccinate, Alter and Release

Free roaming and feral cats account for the majority of animals euthanized at humane societies and animal shelters each year. Two studies, one in Santa Clara County and one in San Diego County, have shown that stray and feral cats comprise 36-41% of the entire known cat population.

These unowned cats are fed by 9-10% of all households. Yet, few households will take the initiative to capture the cats and take them to the vet to be altered. These cats reproduce at an alarming rate which compounds the problem on a daily basis. It is suspected that a some of these cats have or are carriers of the fatal feline diseases FeLV (feline leukemia virus) and FIV (feline immunodeficiancy virus).

As an answer to this problem, the National Pet Alliance has initiated the TTVAR Program. TTVAR means Trap, Test, Vaccinate, Alter and Release. The TTVAR program encompasses the trapping of the cats with humane traps, testing the cats for FeLV/FIV, euthanizing those cats which test positive vaccinating (distemper, FeLV and rabies), altering and releasing those cats that test negative.

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