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The National Pet Alliance (NPA) is a non-profit corporation formed to promote the well-being and responsible ownership of domesticated cats and dogs. We are involved with a variety of animal welfare issues, such as improving the standard of animal care, controlling the surplus of dogs and cats at the shelters, and defending the rights of responsible pet owners. Through our in-depth studies, we discover the facts behind the issues, and we use these facts to help animals.

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The National Pet Alliance supports and defends the following principles:

  • Dogs and cats add to the quality of our lives and should be treated at all times with love, understanding and respect.

  • Dog and cat owners should be allowed to keep their pets without having narrow restrictions imposed, provided the animals are well cared for, kept responsibly, and do not disturb or cause harm to others.

  • Most dogs and cats not designated for a responsible breeding program should be spayed or neutered. The enactment of spay/neuter programs should be accomplished on a voluntary basis through public education, not through coercive legislation.

  • All animal shelters and humane societies should enact a program to ensure that every dog and cat they place for adoption is spayed or neutered, either prior to adoption, or through a legally enforceable contract.

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National Pet Alliance depends upon the generous support of individuals and groups to enable us to gather and disseminate research, information and statistics.

National Pet Alliance continues to gather demographic information on dogs and cats. We are in the planning stages for two new research projects in 1996. The information gained from both studies will be very useful tools to those who are facing restrictive pet ownership ordinances, and will help everyone to understand the real situation between owned and unowned cats. Help support our ongoing research efforts, by making a donation today. All donations are used directly for the effort. There is no overhead for mailings, solicitations, or paying employees.

We appreciate your contribution toward the cause when requesting that information be sent to you.

Every dollar received is one more phone call, and several more letters we can send out.

Thank you for your support!

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